Equipment rental

All our scuba gear comes in standard sizes (s-l) and is regularly serviced and well-maintained. Each item is sanitised thoroughly according to DAN (Dives Alert Network) protocol to ensure your health and safety.

Air Fills

You can expect clean air and properly filled cylinders at dive point . We want you to enjoy scuba diving without worrying about the quality of air you are breathing.
Our air banks are always at the ready to fill your cylinders with clean and fresh air. Since our compressors are regularly serviced and well maintained, you can expect premium air quality every fill.

Swimming Lessons

Daily swimming lessons in our pool are available for toddlers, youngsters and adults.

Boat Dives & Guided Dives

Scuba Diving in Red sea is some of the most beautiful, colourful, diverse and exciting diving you will ever do.

Repair & Servicing

Our experienced team has been servicing and repairing all the major brands of scuba diving equipment for many years and attend regular equipment servicing workshops and courses.

Underwater Photography

We offer a variety of underwater photography courses from beginner to advanced techniques and can help you to improve your underwater photography whatever level you are. will seek out the best critters on the reef for you to photograph.